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ABC News pratar om Miley & Demi

2;52 pratar de om Demi

2012-02-29 | 15:39:11 | Kategori: Bilder

Bild från Top 10

2012-02-29 | 15:38:30 | Kategori: Bilder

En till bild från Disney land

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Intervju med Metro News UK

What can we expect from the album?

A lot of dance music, some songs about love and heartbreak but also some songs where I speak about the issues I’ve dealt with.

The single’s quite emotional, isn’t it?

It’s very emotional. It’s about overcoming your  problems, it’s about strength. Not many songs on the album are like that. I wanted to keep the album upbeat.

You’ve also recorded a song about your relationship with your estranged father – why?

I’ve never spoken about this. I wanted to write a song expressing the reasons why we don’t talk and to share my side of the story.

You’ve had a turbulent time. What was your lowest point?

When I went into treatment but I overcame it and I’m stronger than ever.

What led to that?

Just underlying problems that I’d pushed off for many years. I should have got the help I needed a long time ago but I let it boil up, which wasn’t a healthy decision.

What are your new tattoos?

I’ve got a little heart on my wrist, which my fans used to draw on their wrists every day that I was in treatment. I thought what better way to say thank you than to get one tattooed on my wrist. It was incredible to have that support and I wouldn’t be in the position I’m in today without them. I look at my wrists every day and I’m very thankful to my fans.

Fans have said you’re an example of how to deal with eating disorders, haven’t they?

They’ve said I’m an inspiration for helping them deal with their issues, whether that’s eating disorders or cutting themselves [Lovato has had personal problems with both]. I didn’t expect that to happen. I just wanted to be a singer. It’s taken me on a more meaningful journey.

Did you consider leaving  the entertainment business?

Absolutely. I thought: ‘I’m exhausted, people don’t understand and so many people are being negative towards me.’ It’s hard. There are so many pressures that are put on to you when you’re in this industry. But I love doing it, I love singing, I don’t want to give that up just because the going gets tough.

Would you want your own children to enter showbiz at a young age?

I started when I was seven but only acted for a year. I had a pretty normal childhood. If they wanted to do it I’d let them but I wouldn’t encourage them.

Are children capable of dealing with a workload like you had?

Yes, it’s done all the time. There are laws that specifically dictate how many hours a child can work. At the same time, it’s important for kids to be kids. I’d rather let my children be children.

What lessons has the music industry taught you?

To keep on going and never stop.

Do you ever Google yourself?

Everybody does. I like to see if my shoes went with the dress on the red carpet or how my hair looked at an event. You want to see how people react to your new video or songs.  You need to see what your fans like; you need to know what they think  and you have to go on the internet to see that. That doesn’t mean everyone has the right to say whatever they want on the internet. You just need to develop a selective ear and be able to see people are just being a hater for the sake of it.

Do you ever reply to them?

I tweeted someone back once. It’s funny because they don’t expect you to do it. They made some comment and I tweeted back ‘you’re rude’. I mostly ignore them. That time made me a feel a bit better, though.

Who do you like listening to?

I’m a big Rihanna fan. I love her attitude and her new album. I love Kelly Clarkson’s new album, too.

What have been the highlights of your career?

Having a No.1 album on Billboard and winning Teen Choice and People’s Choice Awards.

What has been your most extravagant purchase?

I bought a Mercedes convertible – an E350 or something? I don’t know. It’s my car, I drive it every day. It’s not a toy so I get a lot of use out of it.

What are the perks of fame?

Having a voice and standing up for things you believe in. Being able to inspire people through music. I support anti-bullying campaigns.

What else would you like to achieve?

Winning a Grammy.

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Svar på tal!

Skulle uppskatta om ni kollade runt i arkiven eller skrev på blogresponce när ni hade frågor! Om ni inte vill det så kan ni skriva eran mail,så mailar jag svaret ist.

Anonym om Fake friend:
kan du lägga upp videon på hela den intervjun? :)
Har redan gjort det.. kolla länken nedanför

2012-02-27 | 11:49:00 | Kategori: Skvaller/Nyheter

Fake friend

Inte så konstigt att de inte är vänner längre..
(Brist på nyheter)

2012-02-26 | 10:25:53 | Kategori: Bilder

25 Februari - På Disney Land

Kommer säkert fler bilder :)

2012-02-25 | 10:26:00 | Kategori: Bilder

24 Februari - Ute med en kompis

Först så var de på biblioteket sedan så gick de iväg och åt lunch i Beverly Hills!
(De små bilderna är klickbara)

2012-02-25 | 09:00:00 | Kategori: Bilder

Bilder från Latina Magazine

2012-02-24 | 07:54:14 | Kategori: Bilder

Med Denise & en kompis

2012-02-23 | 19:13:19 | Kategori: Bilder

Ny bild från M Haddon

2012-02-23 | 19:12:08 | Kategori: Bilder

Marissa Callahan & Demi = BFF

/Brist på nyheter

2012-02-22 | 15:15:35 | Kategori: Video

MTV special - "Demi Lovato: Stay Strong" Trailer

Get More: Music News

Den kommer ut den 6 Mars i USA. (Vet inte när den kommer till Sverige)
Men jag kommer ialf lägga upp dokumentären när den finns tillgänglig online :D
UPDATE; Har bytt ut videon,så ni som inte kunde se den kan kolla nu!

2012-02-22 | 15:07:00 | Kategori: Bilder


Man ser hennes ärr :/

2012-02-22 | 07:33:01 | Kategori: Twitter

Ny twitter bild

2012-02-21 | 15:11:00 | Kategori: Bilder

Madison & Demi

(Brist på nyheter)

2012-02-20 | 18:50:59 | Kategori: Twitter

Ny twitter bild

PS; Hon är tillbaka på twitter :D

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M Haddon 2012

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Hela artikeln i You Magazine

Having shot to fame as a squeaky-clean Disney starlet, Demi Lovato shocked Hollywood by suddenly checking into rehab. She tells Elaine Lipworth how she’s facing her demons – and why she poured her pain into her emotional new album

Lost Hollywood interviews take place in the lavish surroundings of one of Los Angeles’s top hotels but, in a refreshing contrast, I’m meeting 19-year-old pop star Demi Lovato in the tropical garden of a secluded house (belonging to the owner of a local vintage clothing shop) in the heart of Topanga Canyon, a few miles from Malibu and the Pacific Ocean. Demi, who lives with her family in nearby Sherman Oaks, wafts down a flight of stone steps in a floaty animal-print maxi skirt and lacy bra top teamed with a cropped shirt (and six-inch platforms!) towards the guest house where we have arranged to meet.

It is an unusually grey, misty morning; without the customary bright Southern California light, the landscape has a dimmed ethereal quality which suits both our surroundings and Demi’s delightful hippie-dippy style. Surrounded by her team – including two publicists from her record company, her make-up artist, hairdresser and stylist – Demi appears both sophisticated and at ease with all the attention, yet her confident aura belies the difficult experiences she’s had to navigate.

Just under two years ago, she appeared to be leading a charmed life. The wholesome-looking star had a popular Disney TV series, Sonny With a Chance, which aired on Sky, a blossoming film career (Camp Rock and its sequel) as well as two hit albums. Her personal life seemed equally fabulous: she was dating teen heart-throb Joe Jonas from squeaky-clean boyband the Jonas Brothers. Then, in October 2010, came the shocking revelation that behind the glossy façade Demi was a deeply troubled young woman suffering from a long-term eating disorder. ‘I had been very upset and depressed for a while, but I could never say I needed help, says the talented teenager.

‘I definitely have a lot more confidence than I did a year ago’

Demi checked into rehab after admitting that she was bulimic and had been self-harming for years. What the performer calls her ‘rock bottom’ came in a very public meltdown during a South American tour with the Jonas Brothers (by which time she and Joe had broken up). On a private plane from Colombia to Peru, the singer punched back-up dancer Alex Welch. ‘I was totally shameful and confused and upset,’ says Demi, who won’t specify what sparked the attack. ‘I was so embarrassed. I didn’t just have to pay the consequences in front of the people around me, but in front of the entire world. I came clean after I hit the girl. Before that happened my mum didn’t know exactly how serious it all was. She said, “Why did you do this?” I said, “Because I’m exhausted” and she had to wake up and see that I needed help. My mum was so worried. She didn’t want to believe that her daughter was so sick.’

Demi flew to the Timberline Knolls residential treatment centre in Chicago, spending three months in a programme that she says saved her life. ‘I was very sick but luckily I got the help I needed,’ says Demi quietly, ‘and I’m here today, hopefully preventing young girls from doing the same things I did to myself.’

It’s a courageous step to take. ‘I know that I have a voice and can use it for good or bad. It’s a gift from God. I knew I could share my experience and be of service or not tell anybody and be like the rest of Hollywood and hide my secrets. I didn’t want to do that,’ says Demi, who was raised a Baptist and is now a nondenominational Christian.

Unlike other Disney child stars who have had continued troubles (Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan spring to mind), it is clear meeting Demi that she is taking charge of her life beginning with her powerful new album Unbroken, already a success in the US. (Her previous albums Don’t Forget and Here We Go Again were also substantial hits.) Unbroken includes the emotional ballad ‘Skyscraper’ and some heartbreaking personal tracks. In ‘Fix a Heart’ she sings, ‘I ended up with wounds to bind…and I just ran out of Band-Aids.’ ‘It’s about a break-up,’ says Demi. ‘It talks about bandaging the damage – I’ve been through self-harm.

‘It was my way of letting out my innermost secrets,’ she continues. The album includes a particularly candid song, ‘For the Love of a Daughter’, about Demi’s complicated relationship with her father (her parents Dianna and Patrick divorced when she was a toddler). She sings about ‘family war’ and her feelings of disappointment: ‘How could you push me out of your world, lie to your flesh and your blood?’

‘It’s a very personal song. “Oh father, please father, put the bottle down…” The lyrics are self-explanatory about my relationship with my estranged father whom I haven’t spoken to in five years. I wrote it when I was 16 and getting it out is like therapy.’

Demi stirs sugar into a paper cup of coffee. ‘I think I was born with an eating disorder, because I’ve never had a relationship with food that was normal.

I remember looking in the mirror with nappies on thinking, “You’re fat, change it,”’ (lol what.....nappies) says Demi, who believes that, contrary to speculation, the root of her problems had nothing to do with the pressures of spending much of her childhood in front of the camera. ‘I started overeating when I was about eight; I was a binge eater. I would bake a whole plate of cookies and eat them all. Then when I turned 12 I was bullied in school and they called me fat. I went from being an overeater to stopping eating and I lost about 30lb. From then on I continued undereating, but my weight plateaued.’

The anorexia turned to bulimia: ‘I started throwing up to lose weight.’ Demi tells her story with remarkable candour but also an air of detachment. Armed with a wealth of scientific and psychological information about her condition, she seems to me like a bright and brave young woman who has had to grow up too fast.

Part-Mexican, part-Italian with some Irish blood too, Demi’s early childhood was spent in Texas with her mother, older sister Dallas and stepfather Eddie De La Garza; she also has a ten-year-old half-sister, Madison, who plays Juanita Solis in Desperate Housewives. Despite her parents’ divorce and her eating disorders, would Demi describe her childhood as happy overall? ‘Totally. My stepdad provided me with an amazing childhood. I played outside like a normal kid, I rode my bike, I walked to school, but the happiest times were when I was acting.’

With a natural talent for performing, as a little girl she took piano lessons and her career began in earnest aged seven. ‘I started doing beauty pageants and acting. I needed to be the centre of attention; I knew that I wanted to be a little superstar,’ says Demi without a trace of arrogance or fake modesty. She landed several TV roles before her big break in the 2008 Disney movie Camp Rock. ‘It was so exciting getting the role. I was extremely blessed.’

‘I need somebody who’s going to be there for me at any point, day or night, and is not going to be afraid of my eating disorder and recovery process. I want a man who’s going to be strong' (wilmer obviously)

Home schooled because of the bullying, the family moved from Texas to Los Angeles when Demi was 15. As her career took off with the Camp Rock films, another Disney movie Princess Protection Programme, and her music career, the addictive behaviour intensified. ‘It was just a matter of manipulating situations and hiding – you get very clever and very secretive. The tricky part about this disease is that you start lying to the people around you and turn into someone that you’re not. It’s scary.’

Compounding her eating disorder, the troubled teenager was cutting herself. ‘I started when I was 12, when I was bullied. It was my way of dealing with the stress and then I often resorted to it when I was feeling overworked. Girls [who self-harm] scratch or cut themselves with razor blades, scissors or sharp objects, or burn themselves. I’ve pretty much tried all of it. My main thing was cutting and that was so horrible. I definitely self-medicated with drugs and alcohol. I would be lying if I said I didn’t,’ she adds.

By the time Demi made it to rehab, she was desperate and ready to change her life. ‘The key is that you have to want it. The problem with a lot of celebrities is that they go into rehab, but they don’t stay for the full amount of time. I wanted to go home after 30 days, but they told me, “No, you’re not better.” I went through 14 hours of therapy every day. It wasn’t fun. There were sessions from seven in the morning until nine at night: Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Anorexics and Bulimics Anonymous and Self Mutilators Anonymous. [To addicts like Demi, all meetings are relevant, whatever their own personal addictions.] It was constant emotional work and exhausting; by the end of the day, all you wanted to do was sleep.’

‘There’s no cure and I may mess up, but I want to be a better role model for my fans’

Today she has her ‘roommate’ Sarah with her, a ‘recovery companion’ who has also been through addiction problems and follows the same programme. Her role is to support Demi in the recovery process and promote a healthy lifestyle. ‘She is living with us, she watches me and makes sure I eat three meals a day,’ says Demi.

Inevitably, one of the most challenging aspects of rehab was learning to eat normally. ‘Breakfast would be at 8.30am, a bowl of cereal with yoghurt or milk and fruit. Lunch would be a sandwich, salad and fruit or vegetables. Dinner might be macaroni cheese with a side of vegetables and milk. I cried often because I was terrified at having to eat three meals a day. I said, “No, this is too much food.” I started eating just so that I could go home. I don’t know what made it click but I realised I just wanted out of my eating disorder.

‘Now I can eat as many meals as I am supposed to and not throw up any more. There’s definitely temptation – every meal I fight it. It’s an addiction and I’m going to have to fight it for the rest of my life,’ continues Demi. ‘There’s no cure and I may mess up, but I want to be a better role model for my fans and my younger sister. There are days when I look in the mirror and think, “God, my jeans don’t fit today – this sucks.” But I’m in a much more spiritual place now. I can pray and I have a great support system around me.’

That support comes from her family and from friends including reality star Kim Kardashian and fellow Disney performers Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus, who stayed in constant touch while Demi was in rehab. ‘They called me and kept checking in on me and I never forgot that. Now they make sure I am doing good. Out of all the people in the world, they are the three who are really close to me.’

Demi was also reportedly helped in her recovery by her ex-boyfriend, actor Wilmer Valderrama, from whom she has recently split (he played Fez in the US sitcom That ’70s Show). When I ask about him, though, Demi hesitates before saying, ‘I would like to keep my love life out of this. I’ve learnt not to go public with a relationship because the break-up will be 20 times harder.’ (at least she learnt something from jemi)

She does go on to tell me that she has a better idea of what she wants in a boyfriend. ‘I come with baggage,’ she says with a wry smile. ‘I’ve been through a lot and I need somebody who’s going to be there for me at any point, day or night, and is not going to be afraid of my eating disorder and recovery process. I want a man who’s going to be strong.’

‘I know that I could be in a fragile state of mind if I go back in front of the camera; I’m not really confident enough'

As we chat she peruses the gorgeous outfits and sighs at the prospect of trying on clothes for our photo shoot. ‘I’m not looking forward to that. My recovery is still a work in progress; they say that body image is the last thing to change, and I still battle with that every day. But I definitely have a lot more confidence than I did a year ago.’ In fact she looks lovely. Slim but not too thin, her face is make-up free, and her skin is clear with a healthy glow.

She’s wearing lots of jewellery and there are tattoos covering the scars from the wounds she inflicted on herself over the years. ‘I have nine or ten,’ she says, holding out her arms to show me. On her wrists are the words Stay Strong (one on each). ‘I have Peace, Rock and Roll on my fingers, Faith on my arm, a cross on my hand, feathers on my ribs and a feather behind the ear.’

Demi can’t yet face returning to acting. ‘I know that I could be in a fragile state of mind if I go back in front of the camera; I’m not really confident enough. The camera adds 10lb and I feel like I have too many tattoos right now to go back on screen. I want to act again if they can find a way to cover my tattoos and one day I’d love to be respected as an actress.’

For now, music is her focus: ‘When you are on stage singing, you are far away from people, you’re not up close and it’s very liberating.’ Her goal is to ‘win a Grammy’ (!!!!) and interestingly she cites pop superstar Rihanna as her role model. Like Demi, the 23-year-old singer has had her own difficulties. Rihanna was the victim of domestic violence, but since the end of her abusive relationship with musician Chris Brown three years ago, she has become a global phenomenon. ‘I haven’t met Rihanna, but we’ve talked over the phone and I want to meet her so badly. I love her attitude; she’s sexy and confident. She’s gone through quite a lot and has come out strong. I would like to be the calibre of Rihanna and hopefully one day I’ll get there. I’d love to do a duet with her!’

Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation — it
lasts a long time and gives really great coverage.

I love my rings — they make me feel safe
and secure and I feel naked without them.

When it comes to the red carpet
I love Kim Kardashian, who is a friend of
mine. I also love Fleetwood Mac’s
Stevie Nicks — she has really great style.

Rihanna and Katy Perry.
I’d love to be on their level.

A car — I’m going to get a matt black Range Rover.

Someone really attractive,
such as Gerard Butler. I think he’s
gorgeous; he is so masculine.

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You Magazine

2012-02-18 | 20:02:35 | Kategori: Tips


Just nu tar jag emot länkbyten,det spelar ingen roll ifall du har en blogg om en kändis eller om dig själv! Vad som helst går bra,men detta kommer jag bara göra ikväll,aldrig mer! Så passa på :D
Tyvärr så kommer det inte bli en bild länk utan det kommer bli en sådan;
Kommentera ifall du vill länka!
OBS; Ser du att jag har lagt till några länkar men inte din?
Jag hann inte lägga in flera,men alla som vill ska jag lägga in...bara vänta tills jag har tid!


2012-02-18 | 12:25:15 | Kategori: Video

Deluxe Edition

2012-02-17 | 10:00:00 | Kategori: Blogg ägaren

Bloggen 1 år!

Idag så har denna bloggen existerat i 1 helt år!
Kan inte fatta att det har gått så snabbt och att så mycket har hänt under det året,helt sjukt!
Vill ialf tack er läsare som går in på bloggen varje dag,trodde aldrig att den skulle bli så stor som den faktiskt är.
Så ja, allt jag hade att säga.. Fortsätt läsa så får vi hoppas att jag snart gör ett inlägg där bloggen firar 2 år! :D

2012-02-16 | 22:27:52 | Kategori: Skvaller/Nyheter

Demi är inte nominerad till KCA!

Årets Kids Choice Awards nomineringar släpptes idag och Demi är inte med på listan!
Hon är inte den ända fd Disney kändisen som inte är med, Miley Cyrus och Jonas brothers är inte
heller med. Men vi får hoppas på att hon kommer och kollar :)
Nyfiken på vilka som kom med? Klicka HÄR för att se listan.

2012-02-16 | 22:12:05 | Kategori: Skvaller/Nyheter

Vart är Demi?

Många fans runt om i världen undrar vart Demi har tagit vägen,efter många rykten så fick vi entligen svar från hennes team!
Demi är för tillfället på semester där hon har tillbringat mycket tid hos ett professionellt supportteam som hjälper henne med psykiska och känslomässiga frågor. Demi blev inte tvingad till att åka in dit, men hon kände att hon behövde få prata med någon innan det blev värre.  Detta är mycket bättre än förra gången då hon åkte in på behandlingshem, alla behöver hjälp ibland och Demi får den hjälpen hon behöver! :)

2012-02-16 | 13:05:04 | Kategori: Bilder

Bild från Oktober

2012-02-15 | 17:17:00 | Kategori: Bilder

Dallas & Demi

(Brist på nyheter)

2012-02-14 | 18:44:36 | Kategori: Frågor & Svar

Glad alla hjärtans dag + svar på tal

Hej alla läsare tänkte bara önska er glad alla hjärtans dag! :D
Hoppas ni får en bra dag med eran familj,släkt,vänner eller pojkvän/flickvän!


natalie om Grammys galan ikväll!:
vet du var man kan kolla på hela galan efteråt? kan du lägga upp klipp på bloggen eller länka? :)

Jag letade runt men jag hittade ingenting bra!
Det kommer säkert komma ut om ett par dagar/veckor och då kan jag leta igen. Påminn mig bara:)

PS; Ställ frågor på http://www.blogresponse.com/demisweden
Mkt lättare att svara ! :)

2012-02-14 | 17:30:00 | Kategori: Bilder

Mamma & dotter

(brist på nyheter)

PS; Många frågar efter ett inlägg med alla Demis tatueringar, gjorde en sådan för 4-5 månader sen och ni kan kolla här;

2012-02-13 | 10:22:14 | Kategori: Video

En snabb hälsning till fans i Paraguay

2012-02-12 | 14:37:04 | Kategori: Tips

Grammys galan ikväll!

Ni har väl inte missat att Grammys galan är ikväll?
Ifall ni vill kolla så sänds den på TV11 klockan 01;55 till 04;30 inatt!  :)
Och jag vet inte ifall Demi ska dit,vi får helt enkelt vänta och se.

2012-02-12 | 12:53:49 | Kategori: Frågor & Svar

Svar på tal

Elin om Ny hårfärg!:
Har hon hårförlängning eller har hon så där långt hår på riktigt ?

Hennes riktiga hår är ganska långt men hon har hårförlängning så att det ska bli ännu längre:)
Du kan kolla denna videon vid 0;09 så råkar hon dra av en bit av sitt hår;

Moa Lovatic Wernersson om Ny hårfärg!:
Jag undrar om du behöver blogghjälp? Jag skulle göra SÅ mkt för att få blogga med dig här <3

Hej! Inte just nu,kanske någon gång till sommaren ifall jag reser bort men tack för att du fråga! :)

PS; Har ni några frågor så ställ dem via blogresponse -  Mkt snabbare svar ! :D

2012-02-11 | 21:59:04 | Kategori: Bilder

Ny hårfärg!


2012-02-11 | 20:33:27 | Kategori: Intervju

Hos Q107

Video streaming by Ustream

2012-02-11 | 20:30:22 | Kategori: Intervju

Intervju med TurboTax

2012-02-11 | 20:29:18 | Kategori: Intervju

Intervju med KiSS.925 Toronto

2012-02-11 | 20:28:15 | Kategori: Intervju

Intervju med Race Taylor

2012-02-11 | 12:22:33 | Kategori: Allmänt

Ny artikel till Seventeen Magazine

Hello from Chile!!!  I am in Chile for the Iquique Festival.  It is beautiful here and the fans are amazing!  I cannot wait to come back to South America in April!  I feel really lucky and blessed right now for so many reasons.

I recently got involved with a charity called DoSomething.org, which encourages teens to take part in social action. Their current campaign, Teens for Jeans, is all about collecting jeans for homeless teens, and I am so happy to be a part of such a great cause. All of you have been absolutely amazing and so many fans have helped with the cause and donated jeans. For those of you who still want to help, bring your worn jeans to a local Aeropostale store or visit the web site to learn more.

Taking part in a campaign like Teens for Jeans reminds me to not dwell constantly on my own issues and selfishness and refocus that energy on people in need. It also really puts things in perspective when you realize how many kids out there are homeless, unhappy and hurting. Helping those in need makes me so much happier and healthier and I encourage all my fans to be of service!

Stay Strong!


2012-02-10 | 22:05:36 | Kategori: Video

Ny video från youtube

Turne datumen :)

2012-02-10 | 14:12:54 | Kategori: Intervju

Kevin Dees intervjuar Demi

2012-02-10 | 14:10:13 | Kategori: Video

Video från Chile

Detta var den 5 Februari :)

2012-02-10 | 14:07:52 | Kategori: Bilder

Backstage från The Grammy's Dial Global Radio

2012-02-10 | 14:05:49 | Kategori: Bilder

9 Februari - The Grammy's Dial Global Radio

2012-02-09 | 20:51:00 | Kategori: Bilder

Bild med fans!

Vet ej när den togs :/

2012-02-09 | 20:40:39 | Kategori: Frågor & Svar

Svar på tal - Instagram

Linn(Lovatic) om Intervju med Much Music:
Hej!:) kommer med en till fråga, haha! Vet du hur man sparar andras bilder från instagram? Eller går det? Kram

Svar; Hej haha de lugnt! :D
Det går inte att spara bilder från instagram,det enda sättet är att screencapsa bilden :)
Och om du har fler frågor så kan du använda dig utav blogresponse,mkt lättare att svara där för då slipper jag göra ett inlägg.  Här är min blogresponse; http://www.blogresponse.com/demisweden
Kram :)

2012-02-09 | 16:09:25 | Kategori: Video

Intervju med Much Music

Väldigt lång men väldigt bra !

2012-02-09 | 16:06:51 | Kategori: Bilder

8 Februari - Fotografering

Hon var inte den enda där,Joe Jonas var en av de som också var där. Vet inte varför de gör fotograferingen :(

2012-02-08 | 07:50:35 | Kategori: Bilder

1 ny bild från T Corbett 2011

2012-02-07 | 16:58:53 | Kategori: Frågor & Svar

Svar på tal - Armband

Linn (Lovatic) om 5 Februari - Lämnar sitt hotell:
Vet du hur man kan beställa dom här stay strong/lovatic armbanden på ett "säkert" sätt? De finns på: http://demistylesource.com/ men jag vet inte hur "säkert" det är.. Kram
Hej! Det vet inte jag heller,har aldrig beställt därifrån men jag vet att väldigt många fans har beställt sina armband därifrån,då borde det väl vara säkert?
Hemsidan är ju gjort av ett fan som säljer dessa,alltså är det inget företag som du beställer av.
Du kan kontakta hemsidan via facebook genom att klicka HÄR, hon svarar på de flesta frågorna. Annars kan du bara maila dem på; demistylesource@gmail.com för att få ett snabbare svar.
Men jag tänkte bara säga att du måste tänka på frakten,det är utanför Europa så det tillkommer tull vilket kan bli ganska dyrt. Sedan om du vill vara 100% på någon hemsida som säljer Demi saker så kan du gå till http://demilovato.shop.bravadousa.com/ för de jobbar åt Demi så det är säkert,kan dock ingen information om hur man betalar eller hur mycket frakten/tullen kostar.
Lycka till :)

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Med fans i Chile

2012-02-07 | 16:43:49 | Kategori: Bilder

Solar i Chile

Smygbild som ett fan har tagit på Demi när hon låg ute vid poolen och solade !

2012-02-07 | 16:41:55 | Kategori: Bilder

6 Februari - Presskonferens I Santiago, Chile

2012-02-06 | 16:38:37 | Kategori: Video

5 Februari - Lämnar sitt hotell

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Do Ya Thang - Rihanna

Här har ni en låt som Demi gillar för tillfället! :)
Anonym om Do Ya Thang - Rihanna:
hur vet du det? haha att hon gillar den asså

Hon skrev det på twitter ;)

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Soundcheck i Chile

2012-02-05 | 10:44:19 | Kategori: Bilder

4 Februari - Iquique festival, Chile

Ifall ni vill se henne uppträda så kan ni kolla här - Spola fram till 4;58

2012-02-04 | 20:56:58 | Kategori: Skvaller/Nyheter

Grattis Dallas !

Demis syster Dallas Lovato fyller 24 idag, grattis!
Gå in på twitter och skicka henne ett grattis tweet,klicka här för att komma dit :D

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Ny twitter bild

HÄR kan ni se hennes fans utanför hotellet :)

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3 Februari - Presskonferens i Chile

2012-02-04 | 10:47:20 | Kategori: Bilder

2 nya bilder från T Shields 2012

2012-02-03 | 15:32:41 | Kategori: Bilder

2 Februari - På LAX flygplats

Hon är påväg till Chile där hon ska ha konsert :)

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2 till bilder från fotograferingen

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Privat bild

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App till Itunes

Ni har väl inte missat att Itunes har en app som heter Demi Lovato Official som vi fans kan köpa låtar,kolla på bilder,se videos och följa hennes twitter. Allt i en app! Hur grymt låter inte det? Ni kan bara söka efter Demi Lovato Official och där har ni den, just det den är även gratis och den finns på Svenska! :D

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Tyler Shields 2012

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Ny twitter bild

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Svar på tal - Hårfärg och Klagomål


är det en gammal bild eller har hon färgat håret igen?:)



Tror den är ganska gammal,men är inte säker :)


Fråga (klagomål) ;

Tkr att ni verkligen borde skaffa en gästbloggare !

Svar; Varför?

Fråga (klagomål) ;

Helt seriöst,sämsta bloggen jag har sett på länge. Uppdatera mer, justindrewbieber.blogg.se har typ 10 inlägg per dag medans ni har 2-3! Suger gör ni.

Svar; Varför ska du jämföra min blogg med deras? Justin gör flera saker än Demi,han använder instagram varje dag,intervjuver och allt annat.. Det gör inte Demi just nu som du har märkt. Sluta klaga, skapa en egen blogg så ska du få se att du inte kommer göra 10 inlägg/dag.


Och till er andra som klagar,det är skit tråkigt att blogga när ni klagar 24/7!! Vad kan jag göra åt att Demi har semester och inte jobbar?! Tänk efter lite själva innan ni öppnar käften. Blir riktigt förbannad när folk håller på och skäller på mig bara för att det inte finns något nytt med Demi. Och ifall ni tycker att jag överreagerar nu så kan jag säga att jag inte gör det, får minst 5 kommentarer varje vecka om hur dålig bloggen är.

Om du tycker att den är så himla dålig så kan du väl sluta kolla ?! Jag tvingar dig inte att gå in på bloggen varje dag? Det gör du själv!

& sen till alla som kommenterar bra saker, TACK! Ni är guldvärda :D